Pricing and Accommodation

We are offering three levels of tickets for Furcation 2018. These are:

Attending Only: £25

The Attending Only ticket will allow you access to the Holiday Park and Furcation events for the full weekend.

Accommodation packages: see below

Unlike other conventions, we have a large variation in the number of accommodation types available and number of people that can share it. This does lead to some complexities in our pricing structures. However, below you will find a table displaying each of the accommodation options and the prices split by the capacity of each accommodation type. These prices are on a 'per person' basis, include the registration fee but do not include sponsor, early arrival or late departure.

Unit TypeAvailabilitySleepsSole Occupancy2 people sharing3 people sharing4 people sharing5 people sharing6 people sharing7 people sharing8 people sharing
1 bed value caravan
(pet friendly option)
81 to 4£123.00£74.00£58.00£50.00
2 bed bronze
(Wheelchair adapted caravan)
11 to 6£145.00£85.00£65.00£55.00£49.00£45.00
2 bed bronze apartment
(pet friendly option)
21 to 6£145.00£85.00£65.00£55.00£49.00£45.00
2 bed bronze caravan
(pet friendly option)
81 to 6£145.00£85.00£65.00£55.00£49.00£45.00
2 bed gold caravan161 to 6£178.00£102.00£76.00£64.00£56.00£51.00
2 bed gold chalet61 to 6£178.00£102.00£76.00£64.00£56.00£51.00
2 bed platinum caravan121 to 6£200.00£113.00£84.00£69.00£60.00£55.00
2 bed platinum lodge11 to 6£277.00£151.00£109.00£88.00£76.00£67.00
2 bed silver caravan
(pet friendly option)
91 to 6£156.00£91.00£69.00£58.00£52.00£47.00
2 bed value caravan
(pet friendly option)
191 to 6£134.00£80.00£62.00£53.00£47.00£44.00
2 bed value chalet
(pet friendly option)
61 to 6£134.00£80.00£62.00£53.00£47.00£44.00
3 bed bronze apartment
(pet friendly option)
11 to 8£156.00£91.00£69.00£58.00£52.00£47.00£44.00£42.00
3 bed gold apartment11 to 8£211.00£118.00£87.00£72.00£63.00£56.00£52.00£49.00
3 bed gold caravan31 to 8£211.00£118.00£87.00£72.00£63.00£56.00£52.00£49.00
3 bed value caravan
(pet friendly option)
61 to 8£145.00£85.00£65.00£55.00£49.00£45.00£43.00£40.00

Prices marked in yellow mean that the additional people staying in that unit would need to make use of the sofa bed in the lounge area of that unit. We have marked these out so you know where the comfortable limit of each accommodation type is.

Each unit has a fully functional kitchen complete with cooking facilities (Oven, hobs and Microwave), a Fridge, a kettle and a toaster. There is also a spacious lounge and diner in each unit and a bathroom with a shower.

Sponsor package: £25

We are also offering a sponsor package at just £25 more than standard attendance. The sponsor package consists of the following additional items:
  • A Furcation 2018 T-shirt
  • A Limited Edition Postcard featuring our mascots, Frankie & Clive!
  • We are working on additional goodies to include in the sponsor pack at this time and announcements will be made via social media once we have obtained them!

    Payment Options

    We will be accepting payments by bank transfer or Paypal or credit/debit card (via Paypal, no Paypal signup necessary).

  • For Paypal and credit/debit card purchases, the checkout system will redirect you to Paypal's website for the payment to be processed. Once the payment has been made, it will then redirect you back to a confirmation screen on our website.
  • For bank transfer payments or over the counter payments, the system will provide you with all the required bank details (our account name, sort code, account number etc) in order for your payment to be made. If you are sending payments from outside the UK, this will also include a SWIFT code and IBAN number.
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