Furcation 2018 is all about having fun and socialising with your friends. Our entertainments team also run events during Furcation to make the most out of your time with us. We also don’t follow convention norms. We have gaps in our timetable so you can spend the time with your friends and so that our events don’t clash with each other.

We also have one golden rule for events at Furcation, which is “No fursuit, no problem!” Even if we advertise the title of an event as ‘fursuit’, absolutely ANYONE can join in. We want this event to be open to all.

The list of events we are running are below. Timings will be published seperately.

Main Events

These are the main events that we will be running for Furcation 2018. This year, we are bigger and better, as we have two event locations. We have the clubhouse, but we also have a marquee, situated on the touring pitches. The marquee will be entirely Fursuit friendly and gives us a huge space for fun games... and an excuse for training, of course.

Meet And Greet

Is this your first Furcation, or your first convention/major event? You're probably not the only one. Come and join us before the festivities get under way. You can even meet the staff as they start to set up for the weekend ahead.

Hosted by : All Staff
Location : Clubhouse
Date and Time : Friday 4PM to 6PM

Opening Ceremony

Commissioner Foxx will be hosting the briefing for the weekend. All officers should attend for information. All those who live on the other side of the law, you may get to find out inside information.

Hosted by : Jasper Foxx
Location : Marquee
Date and Time : Friday 6PM to 7PM

Cop Shop

Come and pick up your much needed furry supplies from our Cop Shop. By request, we have extended the length of time for this event to make sure that everyone can enjoy what is on offer, without feeling rushed.

Hosted by : All Staff
Location : Clubhouse
Date and Time : Saturday 10AM to 5PM (1PM - 2PM Lunch break)

Police Academy

It's time to train! Our fursuiting maestro, Sayre Foxx, will be on hand to put the fursuiters through their paces. We will also host some games for non-fursuiters as well, since everyone needs to be in tip-top shape to go out in the field.

Hosted by : Sayre Foxx / Starfire
Location : Marquee
Date and Time : Saturday 12PM to 1PM

Fursuit Walk

It's time for our parade of officers and villains. We will take a wander around the park for everyone to enjoy. Weather permitting of course, we don't want people getting wet!

Hosted by : All Staff
Location : Outdoors
Date and Time : Saturday 2PM to 3PM

Improv Show

Do you remember the likes of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Well, we are going to recreate that here at Furcation. Madcap improvisations and some amateur dramatics to boot. This event will be full audience participation, so be prepared to join in, or be a volunteer for the laughs.

Hosted by : CD Seadragom / Zuki
Location : Clubhouse
Date and Time : Saturday 6PM to 7PM


It's back! It's time to see who the best (and worst) singing talent is. Are you going to be the best in the force, or the cat-singing criminal? Here is your chance to show what you got, and this time, the staff promise that they won't sing... much.

Hosted by : Dodger Husky
Location : Clubhouse
Date and Time : Saturday 7PM to 9PM

Retro Gaming Section

It's back and bigger than ever. We will be bringing a lot of retro games and consoles for people to try and bring back the nostalgia of classic video gaming, with no DLC in sight. For those who want a more relaxed tone, we will also have board games on display too for you to try, or bring your own!

Hosted by : Starfire / Spark Vulpis
Location : Clubhouse
Date and Time : Sunday 10AM to 12PM

Cops Vs Criminals

It's about time the villains had their say at Furcation, and what better way to do it. Who will win the ultimate shoot out between good and evil, there is only one way to find out. Bring your Nerf weapon of choice and shoot it out to see who is victorious.

NOTE: All participants are responsible for their own darts and the clean up of the arena area.

Hosted by : Azure / Zuki
Location : Outdoors (Weather Permitting)
Date and Time : Sunday 3PM to 4PM

Hungry Hippos

It's back again, our Furcation favourite. Think of the board game 'Hungry Hippos', but on a human/fluffy sized scale. The aim is to get as many balls in your bucket before the time runs out, just keep the canines away as we already have had some of the plastic balls going missing!

Hosted by : Starfire / Dodger Husky
Location : Marquee
Date and Time : Saturday 4PM to 5PM

Come Draw With Me

Our popular artist event is back for a third year, and we have one of our resident artists, Poker Fox, taking the pen and pad for this event. If you are a budding newcomer to artwork, or a talented artist, all are welcome to learn a few hints and tips, as well as show off your own talents.

Hosted by : Poker Fox
Location : Clubhouse
Date and Time : Sunday 1PM to 2PM

Closing Ceremony

After a hard weekend of work(!), Commissioner Foxx will be delivering the final speeches and his final words of Furcation 2018, but it doesn't mean the party is over...

Hosted by : Jasper Foxx
Location : Marquee
Date and Time : Sunday 6PM to 7PM


This year, we are going to have a bigger and better photoshoot. Our resident photography team will be on hand between 10AM and 5PM on Sunday to take your mug shots for the prison scrapbook. Come and see our team if you want your photo taken. Even if you do not have a fursuit, you can come and have your photo taken!

Hosted by : Scruff / Brandy
Location : Marquee
Date and Time : Sunday 10AM to 4PM

Main (Full) Photoshoot

Once all the singular photos have been taken, we will head outside to have the main group shot taken. We will have two photos, one with fursuiters and one with EVERYONE who wants to be in it, suit or not. We want everyone to be involved.

Hosted by : Scruff / Brandy
Location : Marquee / Outside (Weather Dependant)
Date and Time : Sunday 4PM to 5PM

DJ Performances

As with every Furcation, we will have a couple of special guest DJ's, as well as our resident music makers, to dance the night away. All dances will take place in the Clubhouse and this year, we have upgraded our sound system to really get the party started!

Skunk Mantra


Our first of our guest DJ's will be spinning the decks. Skunk Mantra will be playing classic tunes from the 80's and 90's, as well as some typical holiday park cheese to get the weekend party started.

Fursuit Friendly - Dodger Husky


Our resident Entertainments Manager will be taking over the music to do our Fursuit Friendly dance. This gives the chance for our more fluffier people to boogie on down to some upbeat music. Even if you do not have a fursuit, come and join in the fun, all are welcome!



Back by popular demand. Swolf will be hitting the deck to finish off our Saturday night, playing a mix of tunes to keep the party going. Last year, the dance floor was packed out and we want a repeat this year. This is one not to be missed.

Harry Curly


We always welcome up and coming DJ talent to show us their stuff at Furcation, and this guy is definitely talented. Harry will start the final night's dancing with upbeat dance songs and bouncy tunes.

Jasper Foxx


Who would have thought our Commissioner had a talent on the DJ decks? Jasper will be on hand for the last dance of Furcation 2018, playing a mix of hard dance and hardcore tunes. The perfect way to end a long weekend of hard work.

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